Appidemic: Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man tells the sad tale of two twin brothers separated by facial hair. Stan, a famous architect, is very proud of his beard and jealous of his brother Dan’s moustache. In retaliation, he decides to destroy the city he designed, and it’s up to Dan to stop him.

What is it?

Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man is an accelerometer-based arcade game in which Stan takes over a building, breaks all of the windows, and throws bombs that Dan has to catch in his bucket.

Bucket Dan - The Moustache Man

If too many of the bombs fall to the ground and explode the building falls down and you’ll have to try the level again.

How does it work?

You control Dan by tilting your iDevice to the left or right—how far you tilt determines how fast Dan runs. By tapping the screen, Dan can also jump and slide along the ground to pick up bombs before they explode. In addition to bombs, there are power-ups that slow down how quickly bombs fall, increase the size of Dan’s bucket to make it easier to catch bombs, and give Dan moustache power; a giant frozen moustache shoots upward destroying all bombs in its path, great for when you have a bunch of bombs at once.

The frozen moustache skill was great, but the controls made it a bit tricky to use it with the slide skill. Sometimes I wanted to slide after a bomb, but Dan used the frozen moustache ability instead. Having a separate button for each ability would have been great. I would also have liked to be able to see the buttons on the screen or to have the ability to move their positions.

Bucket Dan - The Moustache Man

The two brothers taunt each other over how much better beards or moustaches are, and the music is reminiscent of old silent movies which goes perfectly with catching bombs.

Is it contagious?

Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man is a fun but repetitive game. It’s available for free, but has many in-app purchases available.

Category: Games
Seller: zemaGamez
Cost: Free
Download: Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man

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