Polara, a side-scrolling platform running game, coming to iOS

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Polara, from Hope This Works Games, is a free-runner platform game that combines running and jumping with color-switching strategy. Use color coded speed ramps, launching pads, gravity waves, hex bombs, and energy platforms to survive as you escape the clutches of an evil security system hell bent on destroying all those that oppose it.

You play as Agent Lara, a defense system special agent, who finds herself caught between a massive world power and a rebel cause. Help her down the path of death-defying obstacles to find the truth behind her past, present, and future.

Polara features:

  • Story-Driven Level Progression – Search for vengeance across 50 challenging levels.
  • Simple Controls, Complex Gameplay – Switch colors with a tap to jump through lasers, build bridges over impossible gaps, or bounce bullets into bad guys.
  • Move in Unexpected ways – Color-activated Launch Pads, Gravity Waves, and Hex Bombs make your path anything but a straight line.
  • Man vs. Machine Combat – Take on four challenging bosses who will push your skill to the limits.
  • Eye-Snatching Visuals – When you’re not dodging danger, watch full color, hand-painted cut scenes.

Hope This Works Games has posted more information and screenshots at the Polara website.

Polara will be available on the App Store for $0.99 on October 11th for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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