Days after Tim Cook’s apology, Maps shows improvements

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On the heels as Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public apology to iOS customers for the poor performance of their Maps app, Apple has been quietly improving their heavily criticized iOS 6 Maps App with more accurate Fly-Over 3D and location data. Previously, users of Maps experienced inaccurate data and distorted images when using 3D Flyover visuals in iOS 6.

The illustration below depicts an image of a major landmark in New York City that gives iOS users a clearer three-dimensional image of the Statue of Liberty. When iOS 6 first launched, Maps showed a flat, blurry image of Lady Liberty, and she’s now accurately rendered.

The major cities that are showing improvements are in New York, London, Los Angeles, Honolulu and also Paris.

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  • EB

    I have tried both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower and see no difference. I have tried it on both my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4s. Can anyone confirm they see a difference?

    • Lochias

      For me: Statue of Liberty is now very good, the Eiffel Tower chopped off at 100 meters.

    • Dow

      Try rotating and changing the angle to get lower to the ground for the Statue Of Liberty- you might be looking at it from directly above in which case she still looks like a flat circle!

  • Paul

    Statue liberty looks just fine now. Have not checked others.

  • Bubba Jones

    “…major landmark in New York City…”. Liberty Island is located in the Upper New York Bay surrounded by the waters of Jersey City, New Jersey, but its built portions and docks fall under the jurisdiction of the City of New York. Geography 101 folks.

    • Kirk Hiner

      You learned that in geography 101? I’d hate to see what they bother you with by the time you hit geography 405!

  • Adam Mitchell

    iOS Maps caches previously viewed 3-D images. This is responsible for some of you not seeing the newly rendered graphics.

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