Nihilumbra to haunt the Mac via Steam Greenlight

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Beautifun Games has announced that Nihilumbra—their dark, atmospheric 2D puzzle platform game for iOS—may soon be availbale for OS X via Steam Greenlight. Boasting hand painted dark environments, nightmarish monsters, and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, Nihilumbra tells a story that panders to the existential dread lurking within us all.


Appletell’s David Temple described the iOS version thus:

You have just managed to escape from the “void” into the real world, and now you have to learn to survive.

As you travel—in part to escape the void which is following you in an attempt to capture you and in part because the game would be really short if you just stood there—you encounter new environments and new colors. The colors can be collected and incorporated into your survival tool kit. The visuals are dark, stark and well rendered; the music is suitably lonely and haunting—a very nice effect indeed.

David went on to give Nihilumbra for iOS an Appidemic recommendation, and the Macintosh version will be getting some enhancements: HD graphics and new features exclusive including some great new minigames and a fully remastered soundtrack.

As part of the Steam Greenlight program, however, Nihilumbra requires sufficient votes before the game will be available. Those who would like to see this original indie title available on Steam will want to support it by voting now.

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