Just Mobile announces AluBase and AluRack Macintosh accessories

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Just Mobile is known for their slick, Apple-inspired product designs for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh, and they’ve just increased their line with two new accessories for the MacBook and iMac: the Just Mobile AluBase (a vertical stand for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air) and AluRack (a rear storage solution for your Apple iMac or Thunderbolt Display).


The AluBase—conceived by the award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner—is crafted from a single piece of high-grade aluminum and ships with plastic inserts to hold MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro with Retina display and MacBook Air firmly upright.

Just Mobile AluBase

The AluBase is designed to turn your MacBook into a desktop sculpture—a stylish solution for storing your iconic laptop, and an elegant way to use your MacBook with an external monitor and keyboard.

The AluBase is available for US$49.95, in Europe for 49.95€, and in the UK for £39.95.


The AluRack, which is also designed by Jakob Wagner, allows you to mount a laptop or external drive to the rear of your display. Crafted from high-grade aluminum and anti-scratch TPR cradle, it screws together through the hole in the stand of your iMac or Apple Display, creating a solid shelf without causing damage to your computer.

Just Mobile AluRack

The AluRack will cost you US$59.95, 59.95€ in Europe, and £49.95 in the UK.

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