Sanho announces the iUSBPort and HyperJuice 2

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Sanho’s HyperDrive lineup now includes one new and one (very aptly) renamed product. Previously called CloudFTP, the new HyperDrive iUSBPort offers the convenience of wireless storage to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and PCs, while the HyperJuice 2 can (with minor modifications) keep your MacBook and iPads running for hours while on the go.

HyperDrive iUSBPort (formerly CloudFTP)

The HyperDrive iUSBPort functions as a wireless USB port for your iDevices, allowing them to connect to a shared drive via an ad hoc WiFi network. The main use for such a device is to share streaming movies, music, or other media, rather than through simple file transfers implied by the FTP name. The iUSBPort connects any USB drive (even bus-powered laptop drives) and makes the contents available via WiFi to your Android, iOS, Mac, or PC, all without wires or plugs. Thanks to its internal rechargeable battery, the iUSBPort can run file sharing or streaming movies for up to five (5) hours on a single charge, providing plenty of entertainment while on the go.

A free iOS/Android app also gives you access to files stored on your attached drives; some apps like VLC are able to remotely access streams without the need for an intermediary app.  The display conveniently gives you the IP address of the iUSBPort, so you can easily connect to the shared files from any app. The iUSBPort can even be used to support multiplayer games by creating an on-the-go WiFi network in a car, hotel room, or anywhere!

The new iUSBPort is available for $99.95 at the HyperShop.


If your Mac toting life takes you on the road for a long period of time, chances are you dread that moment when the search for an outlet turns into a life-or-death ordeal.  The new 100Wh variant of the HyperJuice 2 external battery provides enough power to keep a MacBook Pro running for up to 18 hours (obviously depending on usage), and the dual 10 watt USB ports provide power to extend your other USB devices—even the new iPad. The built-in screen provides detailed information regarding the battery, including the amount of power remaining, temperature, and time to both charge/discharge the rechargeable battery. Unlike Apple’s devices, which are sealed, HyperJuice batteries are independently replaceable, so heavy users can replace a failed cell without the need to purchase an all new device.

MacBook charging happens either via a MagSafe airline adaptor ($50 from Apple) or HyperJuice’s magic box, which includes a slight modification of your MacBook’s charger. Detailed instructions are available for the magic box mod, but if you are squeamish with wire cutters, spring for the airline adapter.

The HyperJuice 2 is available for $299.95 at the HyperShop.

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