Edifier releases two Bluetooth speakers: Esiena and Bric BT

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Edify: to instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually. From Latin via French, meaning to build up (think edifice). Edifier takes their task of building quite seriously, with designs that fuse audio performance to what can only be described as speaker sex appeal. The company has announced two new designs in their lineup, and both feature streaming options (a feature Apple likely envisions as obviating the need to keep the 30 pin Dock Connector alive). The new additions are the Esiena and Bric Bluetooth, and both bring a healthy dose of design to the standard category of speaker docks.


The Esienia is designed for a more permanent installation, such as a home or office, as it requires AC power. Capable of accepting audio input from virtually any source, the Esiena features:

  • Bluetooth streaming (good for most iDevices)
  • 1/8″ auxiliary jack (which covers iPod Shuffles, Nanos, and pre-Bluetooth Touches)
  • A 30-pin Dock for pre-iPhone5 devices
  • Composite stereo in
  • A USB/SD card reader just in case that lineup of ports fails to meet your needs.

There is even a built-in FM tuner in case you forget to bring your own music!  The wireless remote offers full iPod navigation, and redundant controls on the top of the speaker cabinet provide additional controls. Sound is delivered via dual three-inch full range drivers, with dual bass ports to increase the response of low frequencies. Priced at $300, the Esiena is at the Edifier website, and can also be found at and

Bric BT

Unlike its Esiena cousin, the Bric BT is designed for portability (the BT stands for Bluetooth). Designed as an on-the-go solution, the Bric features Bluetooth streaming audio, a hideaway pivoting 30-pin Dock, and an auxiliary 1/8″ port, which should realistically cover just about every audio device you can think of. The wireless remote provides full iPod functionality and conveniently clips into the bottom of the speaker case, providing a convenient grab-and-go solution. While you can run the Bric BT on AC power, six AA batteries can power the Bric BT when an outlet just is not handy. Two 2 3/4 inch full range drivers produce sound, while a single bass port is available to enhance low frequency responses. As a portable speaker, size is very important, and the Bric BT comes in at  a approximately 5″ x 3.5″ x 12″.

Priced at $100, the Bric BT is currently available only from Edifier’s online shop.

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