GoSmart Clip for iPhone review

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Provides: Hands-free mounting for your iPhone or other smartphone
Developer: GoSmart
Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPod Touch
Price: $26
Availability: Out Now

Although the GoSmart is designed to make it safer to use your phone in the car, use your phone only when it is safe to do so. Be sure to place your GoSmart so it does not interfere with safe operation of your vehicle, and does not obstruct the air bag (an iPhone hitting your face at over 100 mph will leave a mark).

Safety warnings aside, the GoSmart Clip is designed to act as that third hand most of us wish we had when we try to juggle too many things. Have you ever found yourself on the road, rifling through your pockets in need of directions? Dropped something in the grocery store because one hand is already holding your iPhone-based shopping list? Designed by the same crew who brought us the GoSmart Stylus, the GoSmart clip is designed to handle the phone for you, freeing your hands to focus on more important tasks.

How it Works

The GoSmart clip is not solely an iPhone accessory—it is designed to accommodate most smartphones with dimensions of up to 5″ tall and 0.75″ thick (including the iPhone 5). Adjustability is key, and the GoSmart has a dual adjustment to ensure it fits securely and provides a tight hold. The ends of the clip feature springy rubber pads that conform to your device’s edges, and the spine is adjustable to provide enough space to slide your smartphone in. Simply position your phone inside the clip and snap the spine down to hold it securely.

Once the GoSmart has a snug grip on your phone, you need to find a tubular surface onto which you can attach the clip. A rubber strap mounted on the back of the clip folds around the tubular item and anchors onto the top post of the clip, encircling a steering wheel, shopping cart handle, etc. The back of the top post features a soft leather pillow that helps cushion the clip and also provides friction to prevent it from slipping. You can also use the elastic strap and back post to hold onto smaller items, such as a car’s headrest, though the hold is not as secure. When not in use, the rubber strap attaches to a post on the back of the spine, stowing it out of the way.

Useful Situations

The era of the smartphone has left most of us perpetually short of a hand; tasks that previously would have earned our full attention and both hands have been reduced to offhanded fumbling. There are myriad situations where both hands can be useful, but which also benefit from easy access to a phone.

Some sample uses for the clip include:

  • In the Car – The GoSmart Clip offers handsfree solution to get directions, find points of interest, and stay in touch. With a bluetooth headset, Siri, and a GoSmart Clip, it is simple to read and send text messages and take calls without taking your eyes off the road. Depending on your car’s equipment, the GoSmart clip may also be useful as a rear seat entertainment solution.
  • Shopping Carts – Slip your phone inside the GoSmart Clip and strap it onto the handle of your shopping cart. From there you will have easy access to your shopping list, recipes, or comparative price shopping apps, and can dedicate both hands to wrangling vegetables into produce bags.
  • Luggage Handles – Travellers today have to juggle quite a bit: boarding passes, ID, small, less-than-three-ounce bottles of shampoo. Keeping your phone handy for boarding documents or flight tracking is easy with the GoSmart Clip, leaving your hands free to shop in the Duty Free.

Rough Edges

Despite being an excellent product, all is not perfect with the GoSmart Clip. Although highly adjustable, the clip does pose a conundrum for iPhone 4/4S users. GoSmart recommends you slide your smartphone in and out of the clip, but for the iPhone 4/4s, the fit is either very snug (preventing the recommended sliding) or too loose, which allowed the phone to slide out with minor vibration (like driving over milled asphalt in a construction zone). If you are a multi-device household, the GoSmart’s multitude of adjustment options will be a virtue, as it can accommodate virtually any smartphone.

The other issue plaguing the GoSmart clip is a matter of orientation, though this is not GoSmart’s fault by any means. Siri is always in portrait orientation, so if your phone is clipped to your steering wheel in landscape, it may be tough to read/see the results Siri is offering. The iPhone’s rotation lock also forces the phone into portrait mode, so if you want to use the widescreen landscape mode for maps, there is no way to keep your maps from rotating wildly as you turn the steering wheel (Apple really needs to change that if they expect us to use turn by turn directions).

The overall usefulness of the clip is slightly diminished by software design choices Apple has made for iOS, but GoSmart’s clip is  a solid handsfree solution for using your iPhone on the go.

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GoSmart Clip Review

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  • Jae Son

    Thanks for reviewing the GoSmart Clip. I just want to point out that while you can slide the phone in from the side after it has been adjusted to the proper height, it’ll be easier to just open the clip and close it with the phone in place especially if you have a rubber skin that increases the friction.