Hard Candy introduces Nano Clip for new iPod nano

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Hard Candy Nano Clip for iPod nano

Sure the new iPod nano will have that larger screen and more storage space, but does it have the iPod shuffle’s clip? No. No, it will not…unless you pick up a Nano Clip case from Hard Candy. The lightweight yet sturdy body will keep your new iPod nano safe, and the secure clip will keep it attached to your person.

It doesn’t matter if you’re jogging, biking, exercising, or just walking around your house, having a clip is a secure and bulk free method of keeping your iPod nano with you. Hard Candy Cases’ simple design snaps around the Nano and allows you to securely clip it to you waistband, shirt, purse, etc.

Hard Candy Nano Clip for iPod nano

The Nano clip features:

  • Three colors to choose from: red, gray and white
  • Secure clip
  • Ultra slim design
  • Easy to access all iPod nano ports

The Nano Clip will be available in mid-November for $19.95, and Hard Candy is currently accepting pre-orders.

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  • Lisa Simone

    I would be very wary of Hard Candy Cases. I am currently in a dispute with the company. I preordered a case from them and I wanted to return it within the 30 days according to their policy. In the pictures above, the case looks beautiful. It is a model. I pre-ordered a different case based on a beautiful model like this. The case, when it arrived (made in China) was poor quality, partially transparent with sharp edges. These pictures are not representative of the actual product. I have sent 4 emails, filled out two forms on their website and called their company. They have not responded to anything. Checking on Amazon, I am not the only one they are ignoring.

  • Judy McDowell

    I purchased the nano clip from Hard Candy and was charged over $9 for shipping, it took over a week to get here by Fedex. They could have stuck that little piece of plastic crap in an envelope and mailed it for less than a dollar. Don’t waste your time or your money with that company! I e-mailed them too and had no reply, not good customer service or quality of product, no more Hard Candy for me!!!