[Rumor] iPad mini to arrive November 2nd

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As the holiday rush approaches, consumers are starting to wonder when they’ll get their hands on the iPad Mini. If you’re employed by Geeky Gadgets and/or willing to trust them, then you’ll want to mark off November 2nd on your calendar.

Geeky-Gadgets cites a close source “from a major UK retailer” (who they claim has been reliable in the past) with knowledge that pre-orders for the iPad Mini will start on October 26 and will go on sale in retail stores on November 2nd.

It’s easy to brush this off as speculation, but there may be some accuracy to the reports. Following Apple’s history, the announcement to release window fits nicely with Apple’s recent iPhone 5 launch. November 2nd falls on a Friday the week after Apple’s October 23rd media event, so it’s not a stretch that pre-orders could begin on October 26th with sales to follow one week later.

We will be bringing full coverage about the Apple event, so be sure to join us in our live blog on October 23rd.

Via [Geeky-Gadgets]

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  • Dany

    Excellent. Then I’ll wait till november 2nd to buy a Nexus 7 which is equiped with a better OS. Haha… Apple devices are toys…