Appletell giveaway: Element Case Custom Vapor Comp for iPhone 4/4S

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Element Case Vapor Comp for iPhone 4/4S giveaway

What are you going as for Halloween this year? A wizard? Sexy lady wizard? Spider? Sexy lady spider? Iron Man? Sexy Lady Iron Man? No matter, because what you should concern yourself with is how you dress up your iPhone. If you’re still sporting the iPhone 4/4S, Appletell is teaming with Element Case to give away one Custom Vapor Comp for iPhone 4/4S (a $99.99 value).

One randomly selected winner will be able to customize his/her own Vapor Comp for iPhone 4/4S directly from Element Case. The Vapor Comp features a CNC machined aluminum perimeter frame and an internal shock absorbing TPR elastomer liner that doubles as an external grip detail. A high impact polycarbonate cap is precisely mated to the aluminum frame. And with the ability to customize it, you can mix and match colors to get the exact look you want.

Element Case Vapor Comp for iPhone 4/4S giveaway

The Vapor Comp features:

  • One piece precision machined aluminum perimeter frame with new flux finish
  • Shock absorbing elastomer grip detail
  • High impact polycarbonate cap
  • Protective back plate (genuine ultrasuede or carbon fiber)
  • Free Transit kit (Screen protector, Speed wrench, molded zipper case)

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us how you’ll be dressing up for Halloween. A stink bug? Sexy lady stink bug? No matter, just read the official rules (PDF) then tell us about your costume (be sure to include your e-mail address for notification purposes) and you’ll be automatically entered. We’ll be accepting entries from October 19th through October 31st.

Good luck, and happy Halloween!

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  1. I’m going for Halloween as a ghost!

    Rick Rosenthal
  2. I’m going as Mr.Potatohead. :)

    Bo Dingledine
  3. I’m going as a 40-something unshaven glasses wearing geek; wait that’s me.

    Scott Perrin
  4. Hi I’ll be dressing up for Halloween as Michael Jackson from the thriller video with the special make up effects and dancing like the video.

    Mike olivero
  5. Dumb and dumber costumes with my friend :)

    zach wyant
  6. Since my eight month old son will be monkey, I might try to go as a banana.

    Tim Hart
  7. I will dress up as the SF Giants player “The Frek” and go trick or treating with my grand kids wishing all the time that I win your contest

    Allan Estrella
  8. I will go out as an oak tree.

    Michael Williams
  9. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones!

    Mark Stuller
  10. I’ll be dressed up as Ace Ventura this year. Bumblebee Tuna. All Righty Then!

    Justin Gilreath
  11. I’m going as a smokey the bear ghoul

  12. I will be bane from batman

    Manny Ruiz
  13. I’m going as pippi lockstocking

  14. I will be dressed as a bumble bee in all yellow with a stinger. :)

  15. I’ll be an angry bird.

    Dennis Aenlle
  16. I’m gonna be wearing some dark clothes and my gas mask :D

    Jaye Barrington
  17. I would like blue one case and I watch tv TAPS haunted and ghost adventure

  18. Going a Batman’s Alfred while driving a repro Batmobile.

    Phil LathamMD
  19. I’m going out for halowee as Cee–lo Green

  20. I’m going as Steve jobs

    Len Deffinbaugj
  21. I’ll be dressing up for Halloween as an alligator.

    Kay J Riley
  22. Zombie yeah!

    David Yinn
  23. I’m going to be myself…. A mad scientist!

    David Lindman
  24. I am going as an “iphoneographers” with my 4s

    Cyndy Johnson
  25. I’m going as the crow from tr first movie.

    Marco Chang
  26. I’m going as nurse chapel from the original star trek series.

    Jane hurley
  27. I’m going to go as “Blake Griffin”

    Travis Tracy
  28. I am going to be a werewolf

    Dameon Riggs
  29. Im going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ!

    Ashley K
  30. I’m going as a baby stroller.

  31. I am going as me.
  32. a coffee molecule


  34. I’m going to be a freaky iPhone5!

    Alfredo Pulleghini
  35. I well be dressing as a Witch

    Patricia H
  36. I’m going to dress up as a gigantic cereal box!

    Pj Richa
  37. I’m dressing up as Psy. Yup…nope. I’ll never be that cool.

  38. im going cheap this year. Im going to tape a trashbag to my right arm and tape a potato to my crotch. Thus being a Right wing Dic-tator. xD

    Dade Murphy
  39. I’ll be dressing up as the creepy Kirk Hiner :-)

    • There is no Kirk Hiner but the creepy one.

      Kirk Hiner
  40. I’m planning to dress up as a zombie for Halloween. I’ve been so addicted with the show, The Walking Dead. I’m thinking of dressing up as someone from the main characters that who are already a zombie, just like Shane. (If you guys are watching too, you’ll know who he is) haha! But anyway, i’d really love to win that Element Vapor Comp, and having it customized to all black to match my black iPhone 4. Thank you :)

    Jerry Ong
  41. I want red side I hope to win and we’ll I have never all life for Halloween and I don’t have any dress all life because no one with me oh well and I want red elementcas custom vapor comp. thank you

    Orlando Rivera
  42. I’ll be sleeping when Halloween stuff is happening, so ill be dressed in just boxers!

    (I work graveyard shift and have to work that night.)

  43. I’ll be dressing up as a bee keeper because my 18month old daughter is going as a cute little bumble bee.

    Adam Busby
  44. I’ll be dressed as a blue collar working, covered in ink and oil..

    Brian Lew
  45. I’m going to be a vampire for Halloween and my email is

  46. Going as a booty call with an old school rotary phone attached to my bum.

    Cait Riley
  47. PSY from Gagnam Style

    J Cab
  48. I’m going as a human, and I’m gonna run from the inevitable horde of people in zombie costumes

    Jonathan Lopez
  49. A witch

    Patricia H
  50. princess hippie

    Diane Bassette
  51. I’m going as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

    pj richa
  52. an old ugly bag lady ha ha ha

    Georgie C
  53. You’ll see me as Doc from back to the future

    Phillip Latham