Apple’s October 23rd media event rumor roundup

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iPad Mini Render

iPad mini render via Ciccarese Design

Apple will be holding their second media event in as many months this Tuesday to unveil the iPad mini, if the copious rumors pan out. So, what can we expect from this new product? And what else may Apple tell us about while they’ve got our attention? We don’t know, but we’ve heard many of ideas, and we’ve rounded them all up here for your convenience.

iPad mini

Apple will price iPad mini at $329
While the tech world awaits the official announcement of an iPad Mini at the Apple’s Tuesday media event, consumers are still wondering where the device will priced. 9to5Mac claims to have heard from “a reliable source” that the iPad Mini that will cost $329 for the entry-level device.

iPad mini to arrive November 2nd
As the holiday rush approaches, consumers are starting to wonder when they’ll get their hands on the iPad Mini. If you’re employed by Geeky Gadgets and/or willing to trust them, then you’ll want to mark off November 2nd on your calendar.

iPad mini display leaks online
As we move towards what is expected to be Apple’s iPad Mini event, we have more components showing up on the Internet. This time, parts reseller ETradeSupply has published an image that shows an LCD display panel for the rumored iPad mini. According to analysis of the LCD display unit’s back markings, it appears that LG is one of the main manufacturers. LG had been pegged as one of the key suppliers.

Purported image of iPad Mini battery appears online
Amidst rumors of an iPad mini announcement this month, a new leak depicts a supposed iPad Mini battery. The report comes from MacRumors, who allegedly acquired photos of an iPad Mini battery that bears the number APN (Apple product number) 616-0641.

WSJ: Apple begins production on smaller iPad
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Asian manufacturing firms have begun mass-producing the rumored “iPad mini,” a tablet with a 7.85″ screen. There is also speculation Apple will announce the device later this month in preparation for the holiday shopping season. Apple has (say it with me, now) refused to comment on unannounced products.


13″ Retina MacBook images surface online
Some purported images of the 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display have surfaced online, according to reports. The photos appeared on the popular Chinese forum WeiPhone, known for many accurate leaks about previous Apple devices. The images show the unannounced 13″ MacBook Pro equipped with Apple’s new Retina Display and new ports. among other features.

iMac and Mac mini updates to retain current prices
Amidst speculation that Apple will announce iMac and Mac Mini updates at the Apple event taking place next week, a new report from 9to5Mac states that the new Mac models will retain their current retail pricing. Rumors last week stated the new iMac would get a price bump, but the 9to5mac report contradicts those claims.

Apple to introduce new iMacs at October 23rd event?
The rumor mill has been quite active lately regarding Apple’s possible announcement of a smaller iPad Mini this month. It’s now being reported that Apple will also use the event to introduce a new iMac models and a revamped 13″ MacBook Pro with an integrated Retina Display.

More rumors are bound to surface over the next couple of days, so keep checking Appletell as we sort through them. Also be sure to join us Tuesday, October 23rd at 10:00 am PT (1:00 pm ET) for our live blog of Apple’s media event.

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  • bob

    Where can I line up for an overpriced iPad mini

    • Kirk Hiner

      Ebay, I guess, if they’re sold out before you get you pre-order in. Otherwise, you can pay the price Apple sets based on desired profit margin and market demand.