IndieCade award winners and new show announced

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IndieCade 2012

Lost (by us) amongst the the iPad mini build-up and unveiling was the announcement of the IndieCade award winners. Open to the industry and the public, the IndieCade Festival is the only stand-alone independently-focused game festival in the nation, and want to makes sure you know about it.

The first annual IndieCade EAST will occur on February 16 – 17, 2013 in New York City at the Museum of the Moving Image. IndieCade EAST will provide attendees the chance to play some of the 2012 IndieCade finalists, watch films about game culture, participate in the first ever IndieCade East Coast Game Jam hosted by Playstation Mobile, and hear speeches from game designers, journalists, and game academics.

“The IndieCade awards celebrate the unique artistic vision and talent across the spectrum of independent games. This special event serves as an important platform to support the next generation of independent games, and highlight their incredible quality,” said Stephanie Barish, CEO, IndieCade. “We are honored to have so many outstanding titles in this year’s show and to be able to share them with the thousands of attendees that came to the festival.”

The 2012 winners are:

  • Grand Jury Award: Unmanned — Molleindustria
  • Visuals: Gorogoa — Jason Roberts
  • Audio: Dyad — RSBLSB
  • Impact: Reality Ends Here — Jeff Watson and Simon Wiscombe, USC Game Innovation Lab
  • Interaction: Interference — Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman
  • Game Design: Armada D6 — Eric Zimmerman and John Sharp
  • Technology: Vornheim — Zak S.
  • Story/ World Design: Botanicula — Amanita Designs
  • Special Recognition: The Stanley Parable — Davey Wreden
  • The Trailblazers Award: Elan Lee
  • Developers Choice Award: Renga — wallFour
  • Audience Choice Award: Hokra — Ramiro Corbetta

For more information, visit IndieCade.

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