Memory Clean frees up memory without logout or restart

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Memory Clean is an app for optimizing your Mac’s memory without logging out and back in or restarting OS X. It’s recommended especially for after you’ve finished using a memory (RAM) intensive app or game.

With a slick and easy-to-use interface, Memory Clean works by purging the Mac’s inactive memory, and is best used after you close memory-hungry apps that you don’t not plan to use again within a few hours. A small monitor readout in the OS X menu bar shows you how much free RAM is available with a pull-down menu providing more detail (Option Click).

Memory Clean’s preferences let you configure menu behavior, an Auto-Clean function when the free memory drops below a preset threshold level, and the readout refresh interval.

I have 4 GB of RAM in my MacBook, and I often find myself with free memory in the double or even single digits.

For example, as I compose this review, my ‘Book has been up for four days since its last restart, and has just a piddling 26.52 MB free memory left in OS X Mountain Lion, which means slowed down processes.

After running Memory Clean I have much more breathing room, with 1.22 GB free RAM.

The downside is that Memory Clean essentially locks up your computer while the memory cleaning routine runs, which takes about five to ten minutes. Happily, there is a progress bar, and a percentage also reads out in the menubar monitor.

Memory Clean’s function is similar to that of another inexpensive memory cleaning utility I reviewed here back in June: FreeMemory. I like Memory Clean better, with its clean, minimalist interface, and it seems a little faster than FreeMemory, although I haven’t scientifically compared times.

I’ll give Memory Clean a 3 out of 5 rating, trending higher.

New in Version 2.0

  • Mountain Lion support.
  • New Features.
  • Updated UI and App Icon.
  • Fixed Bugs.

System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • 64-bit processor

Memory Clean is currently offered for free for a limited time (unspecified) in the Mac App Store.

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  • rich

    The downside is that Memory Clean essentially locks up your computer while the memory cleaning routine runs, which takes about five to ten minutes”

    I think that you mean 10-15 Seconds.


  • Charles Moore

    hi Rich,

    your computer must be a lot faster than mine (Core 2 Duo 2GHz, 4Gb).


  • Eisenhower

    These programs are all a bunch of nonsense. I mean, how do people seriously think some little free program will speed up an operating system that has been meticulously designed for decades? Memory that is “used up” by programs after they are quit out of is actually free to be re-written over. People who think this program speeds up their computer are falling for a placebo effect.

    and FYI, typing the command “purge” into terminal is all this program is doing anyways.