How to turn your “obsolete” 3rd gen iPad into cash

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Are you amongst the many New iPad owners who were shocked after Apple announced a 4th gen iPad just seven months after the third-generation device was released? If you’re feeling angry or just a bit envious, you can always turn that “obsolete” third-gen iPad into real cash.

There are a ton of services that allow you to sell or trade in your iPad. Some services offer customers store credit (in a form of gift cards) and others will give you real cash. Here’s are a few we can recommend.


Nextworth allows you to get hard cash for your iPad trade in. Simply send in your old device and Nextworth will send your money after confirming the item conditions. The larger your iPad’s storage, the more money you’ll get.

Here’s a few examples on prices you should expect to get most for your old iPad.

  • iPad 3rd Gen 16GB WiFi (Black): $ 265.00
  • iPad 3rd Gen 32GB WiFi (Black): $ 300.00
  • iPad 3rd Gen 64GB WiFi (Black): $ 360.00

Nextworth is running promotion for those looking to sell their old iPad. Until November 10th you’ll get 10% more for your old gadget if you use the promo code “mini” at the final checkout.

See [Nextworth]

Apple’s own Recycling Program:

Apple recently launched a new service—dubbed Reuse and Recycling Program—that allows Apple to buy back your old iPad in exchange for an Apple gift card you can use to buy yourself a new shiny Apple gadget at their retail stores.

Just like many competing online trade-in offers, Apple has to verify first the item’s condition along with capacity and color in order to issue you their Apple Store gift card. However, many customers have stated that Apple’s program is the quickest and safest way to get easy money for your old gadgets.

Here are a few examples on how much money is Apple willing to give you for trading-in your old iPad:

  • iPad 3rd Gen with 16GB Wi-Fi (Black): $250.00
  • iPad 3rd Gen with 32GB Wi-Fi (Black): $300.00
  • iPad 3rd Gen with 64GB Wi-Fi (Black): $400.00

Also, Apple offers customers the choice to bring their iDevices to any of their retail stores for 10% off a new one. So, if you have an old iPod lying around at your house you don’t use anymore, you could reel in more savings when you are about to purchase a new Apple product.

See [Apple]

Amazon’s Trade-in Program:

Amazon has have jumped into the market of accepting your old electronics for cash or a gift card. Amazon’s Trade-In Store verifies that the information matches perfectly with your item’s condition, then issues an Amazon Gift Card for the trade-in value.

Currently, Amazon seems to be offering a bit more money than Apple’s recycling program for your old 3rd Gen iPad. Amazon will give you up to a value of $390 dollars for an 16GB 3rd generation iPad found in a excellent condition. And iPads with higher GB capacities or with cellular connectivity go for more money.


Last, but not least, you could list your item on eBay. That will be little bit of a complicated for those that don’t know their way around the online auction sit, but if you have the patience and you are comfortable with the selling process, you are likely to get more cash for your item that through a trade-in service

These are just some of your options for making money off your old iPad. There are ton of other methods you can consider as well, like contacting family members just in case one might be interested in purchasing your old iPad. No matter which route you take, research well and evaluate all of your options to settle on the best deal for the least amount of hassle.

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