Apple CEO Tim Cook shares his thoughts on Microsoft’s Surface tablet

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During Apple’s conference call with analysts and the media, CEO Tim Cook shared a few words about the new Surface tablet from Microsoft. He didn’t hesitate to criticize the device, which he described as a “compromised, confusing product.” Cook admitted he hasn’t had a hands-on demo with the Surface tablet, but feels too many compromises have to be made when trying to design a product intended to work as a tablet and a laptop.

Much has been speculated about how well the new Surface tablet will fare against Apple’s dominant iPad. Microsoft has been throwing money at advertisements to convince users there is a new alternative to the iPad, and the new tablet comes out today, just as the iPad mini pre-orders have begun.

Cook said that while competitors are trying to beat the iPad, Apple is “very confident with what we have in the pipeline.” Apple has managed to sell more than 14 million iPads in this latest quarter, and many analyst are now eyeing the holidays to monitor iPad and iPad Mini sales.

Via [Reuters]

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