Apple posts new ads for iPad mini, 13″ Retina

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13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display

Apple has posted three new ads for their latest products: two for the iPad Mini, and one for the 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display. The mini commercials include “Piano,” featuring a duet of “Heart and Soul” between the mini and the full-sized iPad, and a new one that focuses on the smart covers. The Macbook Pro ad talks, unsurprisingly, about the high resolution screen.

First up: “Piano.”

Great ad, with two messages that come acros perfectly; the iPad mini is smaller than the iPad, but it does everything that its big sister does. The products look both creative and fun, and it shows off the touch interface.

The next is “iPad mini Smart Covers.”

This one is more confusing. There’s no voice over, and only a brief shot of the cover doing it’s thing; turning the iPad mini on and off. The entire focus is “look at all the colors this comes in.” The problem with this ad is it assumes you know what a smart cover does, and why you want one.

Finally we have the Macbook Pro ad: “Colors.”

It shows the MBP running a variety of apps, with quick edits to perhaps represent the processor speed, showing off the rich display. It closes with the line “For the pro in all of us,” which makes it seem like they’re marketing it towards the prosumer market: low-end professional, high-end consumer, which I guess it is now that the Macbook line is gone. Still, it hits the sweet spot, and shows the computer as small, but powerful, with a fantastic display.

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