Evernote to release new and improved OS X client

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Evernote will soon release a redesigned OS X client adding a number of user interface improvements and changing a few elements inside the app. The developers stated on the official Evernote blog page that the update brings an impressive 100 new features to the app, including powerful new search tools and richer integration with Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.

Here’s a complete feature list that users, will experience on the new Evernote 5:

  • TypeAhead: A new powerful search tool, similar to OS X’s spotlight feature. Search based on the words and phrases you personally use frequently in Evernote, and TypeAhead will find it. Recent searches automatically shows notes both from personal or from the Joined Notebooks as well.
  • Atlas: A brand new way to visually explore your notes in Evernote. Evernote helps you remember where you were when you took notes to help you have richer, more vibrant memories. Evernote Atlas reads the location where your notes were created and intelligently presents them to you on Place Cards based upon their proximity to each other.
  • Activity Feed: It’s now easier to stay up-to-date with who made what changes in Shared Notebooks. The Activity Feed still shows all activity, but now collapses redundant information. If you are running the latest version of OS X, you’ll see alerts in Notification Center as well.
  • Share Banner: A share banner along the top of the note indicates if a note is in a Shared Notebook and how many people have access to it.
  • Collaboration: All notebooks are in a single, sortable view, and all personal and Shared Notes can be viewed and searched in a single Note List. The icons clearly tell you whether a notebook is shared and who the owner is. Share any notebook simply by clicking the Share button.

Evernote has posted a new video about it’s beta of Evernote 5.0:

To learn more and to find out when Evernote v5 will be released, follow the Official Evernote Blog.

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