Cygnett WorkMate iPhone 5 case review

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Provides: Protection from scratches/scuffs and drops
Developer: Cygnett
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $24.99
Availability: Out Now

I’ve been playing around with quite a few iPhone 5 cases over the past mont or so, and it’s time I started telling you about them. To begin, I want cover one of my favorites so far: Cygnett’s WorkMate shock-absorbing case. I like the look of it, I like the protection it provides, and I like its ease of use. I just witch they’d done something else with the sleep/wake button and hold switch.

The WorkMate is composed of two units that fit together for dual protection. An impact resistant rubber liner sits inside a hard plastic shell to offer shock absorption and some interesting design elements. The black rubber wraps the sides of your phone, but is covered on the left and right by the plastic which rises up to keep the screen off the surface when set (or dropped) screen-side down. The plastic also covers most of the back, allowing for the camera opening and for a few rubber tabs to poke through to prevent the case from sliding when on its back.

Cygnett WorkMate for iPhone 5

The rest of the case is the rubber. The bottom has holes for the headphone jack, Lightning port and speaker/mic, although it does cover the latter a bit more than it should. The top of your iPhone is completely covered, including the sleep/wake button, which has a large square ridge that actually makes it a bit difficult to use. You have to press down on it somewhat hard; a surprising design flaw. Same goes for the deep, tight hold switch opening; not as easy as it should be to get your finger in there.

Getting the iPhone 5 in and out of the case is surprisingly simple; there’s some flexibility to the plastic piece that allows you to pull it back just far enough to pop the iPhone out. Yet when the iPhone is in place, it sits snugly within the WorkMate for worry-free protection.

The WorkMate comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth, and is available in two colors: khaki (dark olive green) and slate blue. Both are quite masculine, and look better on the black iPhone 5 than the white. But either way, you’re getting a case that offers great protection and is easy to use.

iPhone 5 case designs are off to a solid start.

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