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Hidden Runaway is a new hidden object game companion to a PC adventure called Runaway: A Road Adventure from Pendulo Studios. It never saw an OS X or iOS release, so the characters and situations contained herein will likely be lost on many of you. But will that matter when the general point of the game is to find cameras, hats and a bunch of chickens?

What is it?

In Hidden Runaway, we meet our heroes Brian and Gia who, despite sharing a romantic adventure some ten years ago, are now no longer an item. They’ve been called together by a Hollywood producer who wants to make a movie of their story, so they recount the details through some pretty thick tension.

Hidden Runaway

We go back to the settings of Runaway: A Road Adventure, this time to locate a bunch of stuff. There are also some mini-games scattered about, which you can choose to skip if you find them too troublesome.

How does it work?

To its credit, the hidden object portion of Hidden Runaway really does play like a good adventure game. You not only have to find plenty of items in cluttered rooms, but you then have to use some of the items in other areas. As such, there’s the traditional back and forth from location to location as you learn what you need and set out to find out it.

Although the hidden object areas have a unique look to them, he actual act of finding items isn’t as fun as it could be. Many are hidden in annoyingly dark areas that you simply would never be able to see without the hint button, and I ended up finding a lot of them by randomly tapping the screen. There’s also a sameness throughout, as the object for which you’re looking never really change from location to location.

Hidden Runaway

That includes the chickens. Every location has chickens, and you need to find as many of them as you can. I’m not sure what the reward is for finding them all…I only got 71.

Is it contagious?

It’s unique. How about that? It doesn’t look or play like any other hidden object game I’ve tried, so that’s a good thing.

Hidden Runaway

I like that it feels more like an adventure game, but can’t help thinking two things. 1.) The hidden object gameplay isn’t that great when compared to games from dedicated hidden object developers, and 2.) I really wish they would’ve just ported over the actual Runaway adventure games instead. I greatly enjoyed The Next Big Thing when the OS X version was released, and I would love to see more Pendulo games reach Apple gamers.

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