Apple sells out first stocks of iPad mini, 4th gen iPad delivery pushed back

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I’ve been monitoring the Apple Store since October 26 when pre-orders for the iPad mini and 4th gen iPad opened. Less than an hour after pre-ordering started, the first wave of inventory for the 16GB white iPad Mini was completely sold out, prompting Apple to push the estimated delivery date to two weeks. (It’s a good thing I was able to placed my order for the black 16GB iPad Mini, assured of a November 2 delivery date.)

Then sometime around Sunday, stocks of the black 16GB iPad Mini were also completely sold out. There rest of the black and white models were still at the “11/2″ delivery date at that point. But as of this morning, all models of the iPad mini now carry the “two weeks” estimated delivery date. While we don’t know exactly how many iPad minis have been sold, it’s still a good sign of good things to come. Apple has succeeded in marketing its newest “big” product, and people are still buying the iPad mini despite its high price and not-so high-end specs.

As for the 4th generation iPad, it seems it is also doing well, with the original delivery date of  “11/2″ now changed to “1 week.” Apple should soon release the official launch weekend sales of the iPad mini and the 4th Gen iPad to prove that its marketing ploy has been successful again.

And to put to rest the many discussions regarding the iPad mini’s “failed pricing model.”

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