Google launches 10-inch Nexus tablet to compete with iPad

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Google has officially announced a slew of new devices, including a new product line of smartphones manufactured by LG and a 10″ Nexus tablet from Samsung to compete with Apple’s latest products such as the iPad Mini and 4th gen iPad. Google also unveiled a new and upgraded, 32GB  Nexus 7 priced at $299 with cellular data connectivity, and a new Nexus 10. All run on Google’s new Android v4.2 flavored-candy named “Jelly Bean.” Google has been fighting back at Apple’s tablet dominance, and with their newest introduction of tablets from Samsung it looks like they will try to mount a serious challenge to Apple.

Google partnered with Samsung to create their new tablet that has an astonishing high resolution display of 2,560 by 1,600 pixel (300 pixels per inch), out-matching iPad’s market-leading 264 pixels per inch (ppi) Retina display specs. To address the Apple competitive threat, Google has added a set of new features that is missing from the iPad tablet—such as Micro HDMI ports and NFC chips built into the device—and they’re pricing it at $399 for the 16GB models, $499 for 32GB.

When looking into their entry-level prices for their new tablets, it’s clear Google is aiming at consumers who might be seeking to purchase a new tablet within a limited budget. While we think than price differential will be an winner for Google to boost sales, we’re convinced Google can derail the success of the iPad.

Via [Google’s Official Blog]

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