Information leaks about Apple’s Forstall and Browett departures

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We reported yesterday on the major shake-up that happened with Apple’s management team, including the departure of executives John Browett (head of retail) and Scott Forstall (senior vice president of iOS software). More news has now leaked that sheds some light on what may have happened inside Apple headquarters.

The New York Times has reported on the hostile environment between Mr. Forstall and Apple’s own employees. One story reveals that Mr. Forstall created such friction with his own colleagues (particularly with Mr. Ive) that many refused to sit with him on a meeting without Tim Cook’s presence. Recent rumors suggest that it grew to to the point where Cook was forced to step in and kindly ask him to exit the company’s position. This may clarify Apple’s press statement regarding deeper “collaboration” across its hardware, software and services when referring to Forstall’s early retirement.

Another report in The Wall Street Journal claims sources are speculating that Forstall refusal to sign an apology letter about Apple’s iOS 6 Maps, may have been one of the main reasons Cook excused him from the Apple company.

On the other hand, John Browett’s fate was sealed due to failure to perform his duties as head of retail. Reports say that increased incidents with retail store staff at Apple suggest Cook decided to make him resign from his position.

Via [The Wall Street Journal] and [The New York Times]

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