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No, it isn’t Lizard Wings, although that does sound tasty (I gotta stop writing at dinner time…); it’s Wizardlings from Square Enix. Consider it a bit like middle school magic class.

What is it?

This is a tap based game where your character has to go around and restore the world, one square at a time. It may take a while, but I’m confident you can do it (just like Wall-e); just tap on a square to “bring the light back.”


You can also brew spells to counter any adversaries you encounter in the dark corners of the world. Once you complete each stage a portal will open to let you continue to the next patch of darkness. You will find food, spell elements, keys to chests, etc., as you go about your work. Tap these to collect them.

How does it work?

First, you will need to be connected to the Game Center; you can’t play without it. Your character moves on its own, you just need to tap to designate a target. If you are fighting an opponent/creature, you will have to select a spell to cast against it. You may need to brew a spell before using it, but once you have the spell at the ready just tap the spell to use it against your target.

Wizardlings for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The graphics are a bit cartoonish, but fitting. The background music is okay, but keeping the volume down is a good option, too.

Is it contagious?

Since this is a free game, it’s hard to beat the price. The game does present the ubiquitous in app purchases to get access to spell ingredients, etc. There are plenty of trinkets and baubles, spells and potions to keep your thumbs busy for hours.

Wizardlings for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Not a bad little game, but be ready to figure out some stuff on your own—the owl guide doesn’t quite explain all of the options and tools, but exploration can be fun, too.

Category: Games
Seller: Square Enix
Cost: Free
Download: Wizardlings

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