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What is it?

Based  on the 2008 movie of the same name, Righteous Kill HD is a hidden-object puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a cop hunting down a vigilante killer. Set mainly in Brooklyn, Righteous Kill HD requires sharp detective skills and features a number of police-themed mini games, as well as cut scenes taken from the movie, all tightly interwoven into a thoroughly satisfying plot.

How does it work?

You are Officer Dean, part of the newly-created vigilante justice unit, and your job is to track down Terry Collins, a father/husband whose family was killed in a convenience store robbery and who is now the prime suspect in the murder of the convenience store killer. To prove Terry is the vigilante, you need to visit a number of locations, such as Terry’s apartment, a laundromat, Central Park, etc., to gather clues that prove his guilt.  Each clue you gather is logged into your evidence notebook, and the case progresses once you have visited each location.

Righteous Kill HD

Between rounds of evidence gathering are mini-games that advance the plot line, such as dusting gathered objects for fingerprints or a (hilariously) technically inaccurate “firewall” game that nonetheless proves to be a challenging puzzle. Fingerprint evidence provides a vital twist in the plot, turning your murder investigation into a much more complicated case. A number of fun achievements are available along the way, and can be shared via Facebook or Game Center to let your friends know how savvy your police work is.

Is it contagious?

To fans of hidden object puzzles, Righteous Kill HD is a solid game that will actually take a while to complete. The game boasts 71 locations to search, but there is a vital catch; you end up searching the same places a few times over (due to the plot twist, you need to revisit these spots to gather additional evidence). Some of the items you need to find change, but overall the gameplay can be somewhat repetitive as you search for the same objects in the same places.

The plot is actually well written and fits with the game; it never feels like a story template onto which details were carelessly grafted, and with each round of evidence gathering, there is a sense of advancing the story. As with many G5 Games it is free to try, with a $4.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full game. There is also a 30% discount for early buyers, so make sure to download soon.

Category: Games
Developer: G5 Games
Cost: Free to try, $4.99 to unlock full game
Download: Righteous Kill HD

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