Bob Mansfield returning to Apple after Scott Forstall departure

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Apple has announced that Bob Mansfield will be returning to Apple after retiring in June of this year from his position as Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering. He will be heading a new technology division set up by CEO Tim Cook. According to the reports, the new group will combine all of Apple’s teams into one simple organization.

AllThingsD’s sources have told them the timing of Mansfield’s return was “not coincidental,” and he was “much more willing to commit to two more years [at Apple] once he knew Scott was on his way out.” Employees at Apple weren’t fond of Mr. Forstall presence at the company, including Mansfield himself. Rumor has it that Mansfield was not a fan of Scott Forstall’s confrontational management style, and he generality tried to avoid the iOS exec.

AllThingsD notes that Tim Cook has offered Mansfield a “massive cash and stock pay package” to keep him at Apple.

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