id America Cushi Gift Case and Cushi Band for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Protection from scratches/scuffs and drops
Developer: id America
Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: Cushi Case $14.95, Cushi Band $9.95
Availability: Out now

Once I upgraded to an iPhone 5, I knew my first order of business would be to get my hands on a sweet case. I look for a case that not only feels right in my hand and protects my newest gadget from accidental bumps and scrapes, but a case that lets everyone know I’m ahead of the curve. So I decided to try out an id America Cushi Gift case and the Cushi Band and have been nothing but pleased with my decision.

id America Cushi foam case and band

Retailing for $14.95 the Cushi Gift case is a foam adhesive backing for the iPhone, which is stylistic, protective, and above all else, comfortable. Installation was a breeze. The package even comes with a front clear protective film (a welcomed inclusion) as well as a home button protector. I was concerned that the foam backing wouldn’t stick very well, but my worries were quickly alleviated.  The backing sticks to my iPhone as well as a fly to a flytrap.

id America Cush Gift Case

Now I know what you’re thinking…will this foam case be difficult to remove and will it leave a nasty sticky residue on the back of my iPhone? Well, after a few days curiosity got the best of me and I peeled off the case to see.  I removed it as easily as I installed it, and it left my iPhone exactly how it was before I put it on! The adhesive is durable enough that once I removed it and put it back on, it was like I had never taken it off in the first place. Must be some space-age glue that id America is working with.

My case came from the hip Cushi Gift line, but the Cushi backing comes in a variety of different styles, ranging from an American Flag design to an old school cassette tape and much more. However, I do wish the Cushi backing came in a range of subdued colors and patterns, since minimalism is the new black. What I like best about this product is what makes it unique: it’s made of foam. The foam design adds additional grip, not to mention it makes my iPhone more comfortable to hold or carry in my pocket than the standard, polyurethane case.

Assuming you’re a fumbling klutz like myself, then it’s absolutely unavoidable that you’re going to drop your iPhone at some point unless it’s duct taped to your hand. That’s where the Cushi Band is helpful. Retailing at $9.95, the Cushi Band is a lightweight bumper that protects my iPhone when I’m trying to multitask and the phone goes flying.

While dropping your phone like a nervous rookie wide receiver is sure to happen, you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged when you’re drinking your morning coffee, feeding the dog, and checking your morning emails all at the same time. What’s nice about this bumper is its slim design. It’s as if the iPhone was built with the Cushi Band on it.  The nicest part of the Cushi Band? It fits perfectly with the Cushi foam backing.

The Cushi Gift and Cushi Band work as well together as they do apart. Stylistic, comfortable, and protective are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s underneath the surface is the great price for two iPhone cases that work great as one.

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iD America Cushi Gift Case review
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