Free Apps Roundup for November 2, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Did you get an iPad mini? It’s a great device, but it’s not nearly as much fun without tons of a great apps and games to fill it! Amazon’s Game Studio has released their first game: Air Patriots. It’s an aerial tower defense sort of game. Onavo Count will help you figure out where all of your data is going on your iPhone. And, of course, there are a bunch of limited time freebies, many of which will go well with your new iPad mini.

The Top Three:

  • Air Patriots – It might be Apple day with the launch of the new iPad mini, but Amazon has something new, too. It’s the first game from Amazon Game Studios. You control a squadron of planes. It’s sort of like a tower defense game, expect it’s all in the air.
  • Onavo Count – Keep track of how much data each of your apps is using. Better yet, it does all of this in the cloud, so it doesn’t drain your battery. Your monthly bill is no longer a mystery.
  • DrawRace 2 HD – Here’s a unique racing game for your new iPad mini. Instead of the traditional racing controls, you draw the paths that your car should take. The physics are realistic and the top down 3D graphics are great. But it’s only free for a limited time.


  • SpinCraft – Pyp is an intergalactic pizza delivery boy on a wonderful adventure. Help him collect crystals and deliver pizzas in this colorful 3D platformer with superb graphics.
  • Monster Warlord – Capture monsters and make them fight. Yeah, it’s basically Pokemon without Nintendo.
  • Sci-Fi Heroes – Build the ultimate team of sic-fi heroes to battle bullying bosses in level after level of action.

Free for a limited time:

  • Fret Surfer Guitar Trainer – If you really want to learn your guitar’s fretboard, this is the app for you. It’s designed to solidify your note knowledge. It’s a game that challenges you to find the note when given a string and fret or the opposite.
  • Fret Surfer HD – The same for iPad.
  • Bomb Master Physics Puzzler – In the spirit of Angry Birds, this physics puzzler wants you to destroy bridges with bombs. There’s no way this could be a bad idea.
  • Bomb Master HD Physics Puzzler – The same for iPad.
  • Evertales – A side scrolling platformer centered on the epic yet zany journey of some unlikely heroes.
  • Roads of Rome – Build the roads of Rome and bring culture to the barbarians to become the best Roman legionary in the whole empire.
  • Roads of Rome HD – The same for iPad. Apparently developers just don’t like Universal apps as much as we do.
  • Aftermath – This is, unfortunately, not a Math game. Instead, it’s 3D zombie game. Survive the night.
  • SimplePhysics – What could be more fun than physics? Nothing. This game lets you design complex structures. And yes, you can later destroy them.
  • Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor – You are a spider who discovers an abandoned mansion. Instead of just trapping flies, you decide that you just have to know what happened. Draw webs with your finger, swipe to jump and solve puzzles.
  • Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor HD – The same for, you guessed it, iPad.
  • DrawRace 2 – The iPhone version of the same game featured above. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?
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