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Welcome to Pocket Climber by PunchBox Studious, where climbing the walls isn’t as stressful as you might think. Granted, it’s the outside wall you’ll be climbing…

What is it?

Pocket ClimberPocket Climber is an endless runner styled game where you get to speed climb the outside wall of a very tall, and very oddly shaped, building. Your character uses no safety gear, but the game very kindly includes a warning in the load-up splash screen to not attempt what you see in the game (I’m glad they put that in there—I was really getting the itch to climb a skyscraper).

How does it work?

Simply swipe to change which “lane” you are climbing in, as your character will keep climbing on his own. Collect coins as you climb and try to avoid obstacles both stationary and mobile. The mobile hazards come in two basic flavors: window washers on a controlled descent in their gondolas and stuff people are throwing out their windows (darned litterbugs).

When you get knocked of the building you will be given the option to use some of your coins to rescue your climb. The higher you climb, the more each “rescue” will cost. If the rescue costs more than you have in your coin stash you can either stop playing that game or you can use some real money to buy the fake money.


Pocket ClimberThe graphics are pretty simple and the background sound is okay. I did have some difficulty with the game not recognizing the swipe in time to evade the window washers and therefore got knocked off the building a few times more than I should have. Also, the responsiveness just after the respawn is not very lively, either.

Is it contagious?

Pocked Climber isn’t what I’d call contagious. If you like runners, there are better options available—many of them in the free games section. Also, the rescue fee is a bit on the lame side. It’s not all bad, but it’s easy enough to pass up.

Category: Games
Seller: PunchBox Studios
Cost: $0.99
Download: Pocket Climber or Pocket Climber HD

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