iFixit rates 4th gen iPad repairability

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As soon as Apple’s 4th gen iPad became available in retail stores, the iFixit engineers quickly gave it their common tear-down treatment to find the differences between it and the 3rd gen iPad. Not many changes have been made to the exterior shell, but on the hardware side the 4th gen iPad packs a faster A6X processor, a new Lightning dock connector, FaceTime HD camera, better Wi-Fi, and other minor improvements.

iFixit notes that the iPad’s internal design has remained largely untouched (hardly a surprise at all), but they did notice some component upgrades like an LG display panel (replacing the Samsung display), and the inclusion of the tiny Lightning connector.

Other highlights include:

  • Apple uses the same 3.7 volt, 43 Whr battery capacity as the previous generation of the iPad.
  • The battery unit on this iPad seems to be easier to replace than previous models, since is not attached to the logic board.
  •  Apple’s A6X Processor was found inside with 1GB of RAM.
  • The iPad 4th Gen comes with the same 1.2MP front-facing camera as the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.
  • The iPad has the same size speakers as the previous iPad.

In terms of repairability, the new 4th gen iPad gets a pretty low score of 2 out of 10 (same as iPad mini’s repairability score), largely because Apple continues to use adhesives to hold the majority of components together, which ultimately makes repair difficult.

Via [iFixit]

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