BioLite creates an efficient campfire, charges your iPhone

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If you think you’ve seen every iPhone accessory by now, meet the BioLite: a device for creating a fuel-efficient campfire that converts heat into electricity. Some of the electricity is used to power a fan to feed the fire, and the rest is sent to a USB port that can be used to power small electronics.

The company FAQ describes the process:

The BioLite CampStove uses a small internal fan to create airflow, which, in conjunction with our uniquely designed fuel chamber, creates an ultra-efficient fire with highly improved combustion. The heat generated by the fire is converted into electricity in our Power Module which automatically recharges the lithium ion battery powering the fan. Surplus electricity powers a USB outlet allowing you to charge small electronic devices.

The device comes in two sizes, a larger HomeStove and a more portable CampStove. Both are designed to work without accelerants or natural gas, simply wood or other “biofuels.” The CampStove is designed, in fact, to work with twigs.

As an aside, Biolite is a company based in Brooklyn. Following the power outages that hit NYC following Hurricane Sandy, the company hit the streets to provide phone charging for their fellow New Yorkers.

See more photos of it here.

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