AKG announces availability of K551 headphones

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AKG—maker of high-end headphones, microphones, and speakers for over 60 years—has announced availability of their K551 headphones.  These closed-back cans feature massive drivers for realistic sound, and passive noise isolation for true immersion.

AKG K551 headphones

Designed for impressive sound, the K551 features 50 mm drivers (almost 2 inches, for those on imperial measurements) backed up by AKG’s Real Image Engineering.  These reference-class headphones are designed to provide fully immersive and true to life reproduction, and the ample drivers are the foundation in delivering that sound. The Real Image Engineering is designed to provide clarity, depth and distance in the music you listen to. The closed-back design provides noise isolation to keep unwanted background noise out, while the leather wrapped, padded ear cups prevent your sound from leaking out.

AKG’s design is not only valuable to your ears, but to your eyes as well, as these lightweight and portable headphones are executed in classic angles with timeless style.

Additional features include:

  • Inline microphone and volume keys, to take calls and control your tunes
  • Fold-flat storage for easy portability
  • Color choices include all white or black with silver accents
  • 1/8″ headphone cable with 1/4″ adaptor for compatibility with all audio devices

At $330, the K551 are not designed for casual listening, as their tech specs can confirm. For those seeking serious sound, price is usually secondary to audio quality, so be sure to check out all the details on the K551 at AKG’s site.  The K551 is also available for purchase there, or at (where they are only $329).

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