[Rumor] Apple to move away from Intel processors in the Macintosh

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Bloomberg is reporting that Apple may be moving away from utilizing Intel chips on their Mac product line. According to the report, Apple is investing money into a new project that will allow them to create new, custom processors for desktops and laptops similar to the A-series chip currently found in many iOS devices. Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the company’s research,” said Apple has reportedly built a team dedicated to the project which is supervised by Bob Mansfield.

According to the report, Apple is now committed to Intel and is unlikely to switch in the next few years. But engineers at Apple feel the chip designs used for their mobile devices will become powerful enough to run their desktops and laptops. Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to built a seamless experience on laptops, phones, and tablets, and it will be easier to achieve that if all the devices have a consistent underlying chip architecture.

Seeing Apple move away from Intel chips is not really a big stretch of the imagination, as we saw a similar move when Apple transitioned from the PowerPC processor for its Mac line in 2006.

Via [Bloomberg]

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