Loop Wrist Band for 6th gen iPod nano review

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Provides: Adjustable wrist band to hold your iPod nano
Developer: Loop Attachment Co.
Requires: Sixth Generation iPod Nano
Price: $19.95
Availability: Out Now

When the sixth generation iPod Nano arrived with its tiny square display, it seemed natural that people would want to wear it as a watch face. To that end, Loop Attachment Co. makes a one-piece silicone wrist band that fits the iPod nano perfectly.

Loop Watchband for sixth generation iPod Nano

Different from other watch bands, the Loop uses the nano’s clip to easily attach to the cut out in the band. It fits snugly and attaches on the top and bottom, leaving full, unrestricted access to the earphone jack, volume control, sleep/wake buttons and dock connector so you can charge your Nano without removing it from the band. Since the band does not cover the full sides of the nano it provides smooth multi-touch screen operation. It’s also thinner and sleeker than other models making it less bulky and more like a regular watch band.

It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear. This means you can wear it longer listening to music, exercising or just as a regular watch. As it’s one size fits all, the band will accommodate a child’s small wrist to a man’s larger one with adjustment. It fastens with a stainless steel buckle, and there are two retention circles to hold any excess band in place.

I can highly recommend this product because it’s lightweight, stylish and comfortable to wear. The controls and connectors are easily accessible. The Loop Wrist Band is affordably priced and, in its simplicity, complements the iPod nano and makes a nice watch.

But I can’t end this review without speaking of the cons, and the only one I can see is that by having your connectors accessible, it also leaves them exposed to the elements. Don’t get caught in the rain or go swimming!

You can choose the Loop in seven different colors: black, white, blue, pink, green, red and graphite (unfortunately, no purple…my favorite color). With the $19.95 price tag, it rivals other wristbands at much higher costs. You can also purchase bundles of three at a cost of $50.00.

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Loop Wrist Band for 6th gen iPod nano review

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