Withings releases next generation of Bluetooth bathroom scales

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Withings WS-30 Bluetooth Scale

It’s been a few years since I reviewed the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale at Appletell. That it was able to justify its $160 asking price was quite an achievement for a device designed to sit on your bathroom floor. That won’t be so hard to do with the newly announced Wireless Scale WS-30, as Withings has added Bluetooth Smart technology and dropped the price to $129.95.

In addition to Bluetooth, the WS-30 comes with Withings Position Control™ technology, “which provides on-screen visuals to help properly position a user’s body on the scale for high-accuracy weighing. Good to know, in case you’re always weighing in for a big wrestling tournament, I suppose. Or, if you don’t like the results you can just tell people, “It had nothing to do with all those Combos cheese filled snacks I ate today, I just wasn’t properly positioning my body on the scale, don’t you know.”

From the press release:

By just stepping on the scale, the Wireless Scale gives users their weight and body mass index (BMI) on a large backlit display. Then, after each weigh-in, the scale uses its built-in connectivity to automatically transmit the data to the user’s Withings Health Companion App and personal Withings webpage. A user can also decide where else to send their information, like their physician, Twitter feed, and over 60 Withings compatible applications including Lose It!, Runkeeper, MyFirnessPal, Daily Burn, Zeo, and Body Media.

People may scoff at the notion of sharing their weight with so many people/apps, but doing so not only provides more accurate results and information to help you reach your goals, but also just the added incentive of knowing that people can see your results. And since it’s all automatic, you won’t miss any entries or find yourself fudging the numbers. Sharing is optional, anyway, and each of the eight individual users the scale can instantly recognize can select his/her own privacy and sharing settings.

And since you don’t need a computer to set up the scale, getting started with your iDevice is easier than ever.

The Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 is available now for $129.95.

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