Edifier releases e10 Exclaim 2.0 speaker system

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e10 Exclaim 2.0There are some electronic accessories that one just can’t live without, and a good speaker system is certainly one of them. Of course, when it comes to purchasing speakers, there is such a wide variety to choose from that finding a set to suit you best can often be difficult. Some of us prioritize design, some prioritize performance, and others prioritize price when making such a decision. The question is, are there any choices out there that offer all three?

Edifier, the company responsible for developing various award-winning audio systems, sure knows that there is. The company has just released a new active bi-amped speaker system called the e10 Exclaim 2.0, combining an affordable price, powerful sound quality, and a really cool design.

The e10 Exclaim 2.0 is a versatile speaker system that can be used with any computer, television or mobile device due to its use of a standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Digital Signal Processing, Dynamic Range Compensation, internal amplifiers, and passive radiators all work together to maintain a great tonal balance, dynamic range, and fantastic bass.

The best part? Edifier’s e10 Exclaim speaker system is available for purchase right now for only $99.99 USD, a great price for all these speakers have to offer.

Product [Edifier e10 Exclaim 2.0]

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