Square-Enix wonders if you’re smart enough to join Mensa

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American Mensa Academy

Have you ever wondered if you’re smart enough to join Mensa? With American Mensa Academy for iOS, you’ll be able to discover just how smart you really are and share your score with friends and family.

You’ll first train your brain by solving over 1,000 brain-stimulating questions in Numeracy, Language, Logic, Memory, and Visual categories. The coach then assesses your progress and, after further training, you can take the test and discover your score. Players can then share their Mensa Academy score certificate via a variety of social networking channels, e-mail, and SMS.

“Our goal is to engage the public and invite them to take the next step toward becoming a part of our organization,” said Pamela Donahoo, Executive Director of American Mensa. “This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for a wide audience to preview the Mensa test-taking experience in a virtual environment.”

American Mensa Academy is available now at the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini running iOS 4.3 or later for $4.99.

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