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SpinCraft from Bulkypix spins you right round, baby, right round. Your spaceship looks a bit like a top and moves like one, too.

What is it?

The object of the game is to pilot your top-like spacecraft around to deliver your pizza, collect coins and acquire three crystals so you can advance to the next level.


The pizza seems to be a minor concern in the game, which runs contrary to my personal beliefs.

How does it work?

Use the “joystick” button on the left to send your ship of in your chosen direction. Just don’t be too sure you will go the direction you move the joystick—the top-like characteristics mean it isn’t very easy to travel in a straight line (or even a controlled nonlinear path).


As you roam the area collecting coins and crystals you will need the jump and attack buttons on the right. Some of the things you need to touch/acquire will require a quick hop up to a platform or another level of the playing field. There are critters in the game that don’t do any damage but do get in the way. Use the attack button to send them scurrying away so you can go about your business.


The graphics are suitably whimsical and the background sound isn’t annoying, so that’s a plus. The control of the ship is touchy, at best, and all the spinning around in the 3D environment was not very pleasant.

Is it contagious?

Free games are almost always worth checking out—you may find a real gem. This one is not a gem, but it is amusing. The biggest negatives I have with this game are the persistent ads at start up, ads after the startup splash screen, and the ever-present option to use real money to buy game coins.

SpinCraft will very likely go over well with the kids who have an almost inherently better understanding of spinning tops than most adults.

Category: Games
Seller: Bulkypix
Cost: Free
Download: Spincraft

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