GoSmart RestPad Soft Sheepskin Mouse Pad Review

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Provides: Ergonomic wrist support for computer mouse use
Developer: GoSmart
Price: $34.95
Availability: Out Now

Synthetic materials can be pretty amazing, but some natural ones have qualities that haven’t yet been matched, let alone surpassed, in a lab. One such is sheep fleece. I’m a longtime sheep fleece fan, and have used a sheep fleece mattress cover on my bed for years as a layer of comfort enhancement—warmer in winter cooler in summer. Soft and sumptuous, as well “… a pleasant interface layer compliment to the underlying support of a firm mattress.” I’m sold.

The GoSmart RestPad is a rigid, ergonomic mousepad whose wrist rest is faced with a layer of sheepskin fleece to provide support and tactile comfort enhancement for your wrist when mousing or using a graphics tablet. The intent is that the sheepskin will provide soothing comfort and diminish pressure relief. GoSmart claims the RestPad’s superior performance providing wrist pressure relief has been measured during extensive testing using an advanced array of tactile sensors that measure contact pressures underneath the wrist, and that it has been found to to relieve over twice as much pressure as other wrist rests.

I can’t confirm the scientific accuracy of that claim, but have no reason to disbelieve it. The RestPad’s fleece certainly provides comfortable wrist support.

The RestPad’s mousing surface is covered with microfiber, a synthetic material that I like but have never seen used on a mousepad before. It’s available in your choice of tan, pink, or dark brown. Our test unit was camel (light tan), which looks sharp, but I would have some concern about the camel and particularly the pink color getting grubby-looking pretty quickly with use, so my recommendation would be to go with the dark brown.

The sheepskin wrist pad is natural off-white, and removable for laundering, being secured to the mousepad with Velcro. I suppose the microfiber mousing surface is scrubbable too, but I wouldn’t suggest running it through the washer. Routine cleaning instructions are to wipe down the sheepskin with a damp, soapy cloth, then when fully dry to brush the wool—ideally with a dog brush, which can also be used periodically to freshen and fluff the fleece.

The RestPad’s mousepad provides a medium-sized mousing area—larger than a standard pad but considerably smaller than the big hard plastic SteelSeries gaming mousepads I normally use. The microfiber mousing surface is proportioned to match the widescreen aspect ratio of modern computer displays, which I had some misgivings about, but it proved easy to get used to. I also wondered how I would like the softer microfiber tracking surface after the ultra-low friction of hard plastic SteelPad mousepads that I’m used to. However, it seems fine, and the contact surface feet of your mouse will also get a good cleaning while tracking around on the microfiber.

The sheepskin wrist rest area is also larger than typical, rounded to maximize user comfort, and the mousepad, while surfaced with the soft-feeling microfiber, actually is of rigid construction with a high friction rubbery plastic base that should prevent any sliding or skidding around on support surfaces.

GoSmart says the RestPad has been recently updated using higher quality sheep skin and adding the detach for cleaning feature. I haven’t used the previous iteration, but this one certainly seemed to be of excellent quality on our test unit. Currently, the new revised model is available exclusively from the GoSmart website while the older design is still available from The RestPad is also now assembled in the U.S.A.

“The GoSmart RestPad is like a relaxing vacation for your wrists. Once you use it, it will be very difficult to go back to using a hard mouse pad again,” says Jae Son, President and Inventor, GoSmart, Inc.

I’m not entirely sure I agree on the latter point. I still like my hard, speedy low-friction mousepads. But they don’t have wrist rests, and the sheepskin one on the RestPad is inviting.

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GoSmart RestPad review

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  • Camel Spider

    I really really love the pink restpad’s mousing surface