Apple airs two new iPad mini commercials

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As we get closer to the holidays, we’re beginning to see Apple aggressively push more TV Ads for their new 7.9″ iPad mini. The company has just started to air more commercials, both of which cleverly show audiences that the iPad mini possesses the same capabilities and performance of the full-sized iPad despite coming in a smaller package.

The first TV ad, named “Books,” showcases the potential of the mini as a replacement for e-reader tablets, comparing several digital books on the two iPad tablets using the Apple’s iOS iBooks application.

The second TV ad, “Photos,” follows the same pattern of the other iPad mini TV commercials. It starts by showing the 9.7″ iPad alongside the smaller mini highlighting features of its iPhoto App for iOS as a means for users to view or edit pictures while the song “Two of a Kind” plays in the background.

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