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Autodance - by Just Dance

Ubisoft, the company behind the wildly popular Just Dance series of games for consoles, has announced that Autodance – by Just Dance for iOS is now available for free in North American through the iTunes App Store. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Autodance has been download over 7 million times worldwide.

Don’t confuse Autodance with the gameplay of Just Dance, however, as it’s more about sharing/showing off your moves than about competing with friends. Ubisoft describes it thus:

Through the Autodance app, users record videos of themselves and/or friends showing off their best dance moves and then instantly create Just Dance videos on their smartphone to share with friends, family and the rest of the world. The app records four sequences and then transforms them into a hilarious dance video matching one of the three Just Dance 4 songs including everyone’s favorite summer hit, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

Users can apply video effects such as “8MM Vintage,” “Thermal Vision,” and “Mosaic,” then share the video via Facebook, YouTube, or email. Another option is the built-in Just Dance TV, which also lets users browse videos, take part in competitions, give and receive comments, and explore featured videos.

Autodance – by Just Dance is available now free, and comes with “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” by Dancing Bros., and “Crazy Little Thing” by Anja.

Product [Autodance – by Just Dance]

Update: We’ve been notified by Ubisoft that Autodance has some functionality problems:

Ubisoft® has just been made aware that the recently launched free mobile application, Autodance® by Just Dance®, is encountering some technical issues with its sharing functionality.  Ubisoft is working to resolve these issues and will release an update soon. In the meantime, we would recommend waiting to download, use and review the App until the timing of the fix is confirmed.

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  • salvo


  • shazoom

    You betcha it has a functionality problem called an utter SCREWUP. My autodance app was updated automatically to Justdance 4 and I wish it had not been. Can’t dam well share nudda! Waiting for a fix since last month and it BEST not delete my existing vids >:-<

  • samantha

    when will this be back in the new zealand app store i really wanna download it

  • Claire

    I lost my auto dance app when my phone backed up middle of last year. I take it i have lost the majority of my vids, luckily I shared a couple on face book & they are still there.. What’s really annoying tho, is I’ve been trying since to get the app & it’s available in U.S AppStore, but not the uk & it’s the same old story & message when I try to find out when It will be available again. What the hell is going on…. Surely the makers should have some sort of an update on their progress, it’s only been 6-8months at least hasn’t it??? Even if they say its never going to be available in uk again.. At least then I could stop wasting my time looking & trying..