[Rumor] Google Maps in its final testing stage

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A new report from The Wall Street Journal is claiming Google is “putting the finishing touches” on their Google Maps app for iOS before they submit it to the App Store review team. The report claims Google employees have been distributing the unfinished version of the app to a few members within the group for real world testing. The application for iOS will come with many features that have been exclusive to Google’s Android OS, including turn-by-turn navigation, 3D maps and public transit routes.

It’s been reported that we can expect to see the return of Google Maps to iOS by the end of the year.

WSJ also reported that Apple is making improvements to their own in-house mapping app. Executive Eddy Cue, who is head of the project, has taken action via weekly meetings with staff members to find ways to enhance accuracy of the maps data and fix some of the Apple’s Maps App shortcomings.

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