Twitter v5.1 for iPhone now available

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Twitter for iOS

Twitter has been pushing out regular updates to their Twitter app for Apple’s iOS, and it’s now been updated to v5.1. The update adds features that enhance the user experience through a streamlined view of your headlines and photos in your profile. There’s also a new search option that allows you to discover popular tweets within your interests, and the app comes with more customizable account management options.

Here’s the list of improvements for Twitter App v5.1:

  • Discovery: A personalized stream of tweets that are tailored to users’ interests are now in the Discover tab. Additionally, for easier engagement, article, photo, and video previews are now present in the tab.
  • Improved search: Now at the top of your search results will be a stream of photos that are relevant to your query. Additionally, like with the updated Discover tab, media previews will be present.
  • Account management: Password reseting and follower management (for those with private Twitter accounts) are present for the first time in the iOS app.

Twitter v5.1 is now available for users as a free download in the Apple’s App Store.

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