Boom updated for Retina display Macs

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Global Delight Boom

Got one of those MacBooks with the fancy new Retina display. Good. Visuals are taken care of. Now, if you’re interested in upgrading your audio, too, it’s to take a look at Global Delights’ Boom 10.8 + Retina for the MacBook Pro. The update to their award-winning sound booster and equalizer app adds booming audio to complement the Retina display’s enhanced visuals.

Boom is now available with localized Help file support in five additional languages: Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

From the press release:

Boom is a menu bar app volume booster and system-wide equalizer that lets you increase the volume of a Mac laptop and desktop’s video and music files. Boom lets you easily boost sound for great TV and movie watching, gaming and music listening experiences. Boom is also ideal for use with communication programs like Skype and FaceTime, so users don’t have to use external speakers or lean way in to listen to other party communication. Boom enables users to increase the volume of any application or program that is playing sound, such as Netflix, YouTube, QuickTime, iMovie and the CD/DVD player.

Additional features include:

  • Adjust your Boom equalizer to create custom presets for movies, music, online radio or streaming video
  • Use your trackpad to scroll adjust the Boom volume slider
  • A secondary click option on Boom’s status bar icon accesses your drop-down list of presets, which can be changed right away
  • All notifications are synced conveniently through Apple’s Notification Center
  • Boom runs on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6) or later on any Intel-based Mac

The Boom retina-compatible app is available today from the Mac App Store or Global Delight’s Website for $6.99. A free 7-day trial is available. For more information, read our Boom review.

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