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This isn’t the Byrds playing rock & roll, it birds playing rock & roll. Your part is to tap and collect the stars as they pass by.

What is it?

Duck & Roll from Wild Factor is a music rhythm game. As you and your avian friends play your rock and/or roll music, stars will fly by. As the stars hit the apex of their flight path they will intersect with an outline. Tap the stars as they line up with the outline—easy.

Duck & Roll

The closer the star is to being perfectly centered in the outline when you tap it the higher your score.

How does it work?

The game play is tap and swipe. As the stars appear, you need to either tap them at the correct time, swipe to “cut” more than one star at a time, or tap and drag the star along a path (dotted line). The background images are static; the only things moving are the stars. The music sounds a bit canned and the graphics look a bit like a comic book.

Duck & Roll

There are only six venues to the game, but as you finish all six the game will unlock a new difficulty level. There are the ever popular easy, normal, and hard, so you end up with 18 total rounds. Each round is a song lasting about three minutes, so the total game time is good. Also, the game does a good job with the tutorials and allows for some practice runs before you actually start a round.

Duck & Roll

Is it contagious?

To me the game was a bit of a lame duck. The puns are not very clever and the game play was not very engaging. The music is well produced, but not all that interesting.

Still, Duck & Roll is not that bad if you like music based games. The harder levels will challenge your speed and timing, so keep your finger limber.

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