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QatQi by ZWorkbench puts a new layout twist on a digital Scrabble type word game. Score points based on word length, placement, combinations, etc., and check yourself against the playing community.

What is it?

QatQiQatQi is like Scrabble in that you get to place letters on a game board to create words. The game will tell you whether your letter combinations are valid. The game will also provide options for legitimate word completion if you are stuck. You may not have the letters to make the word the game suggests, so you may have to do a little fishing around to get the combination you want to play.

There are a number of free “undo” actions so you can place the letters and, if you don’t like the word or it isn’t valid, you can press the undo button and remove one letter at a time.

How does it work?

The interface is interesting visually, but the menu could be a bit more user friendly. The puzzle selection is a bit touchy and may not work the way one might think is obvious.

The actual game play is pretty easy—tap and drag the letter you wish to play to the spot on the board you desire. There are multipliers and coins to collect to enhance your score as well.


The background sound is not bad and the graphics are well done and have some style. The letters are circles and change color as they are played (yellow for still building a word, green for a valid word, and red for “now you’re just making things up…”). The game board is not just a plain square; it looks a bit like linked chambers so you will need to plan your words carefully so you can use as much of the field as possible. This will help you find and play the coin locations.

You get a list of the words you created when you complete a puzzle and even a page to show you your “key metrics” like word length, multipliers, word exploration, etc.

Is it contagious?

Even though the menu is a bit touchy, this is a good game. The puzzles are organized by date and there is a new puzzle for each day of the year so this can keep your mind busy for quite a while. The game board layout isn’t a simple square, adding to the level of effort needed to successfully complete each puzzle.

Since this is a free game, the price can’t be beat with a stick; go play, and you may even expand your vocabulary while having fun.

Category: Game
Seller: ZWorkbech
Cost: Free
Download: QatQi

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  • Chris Garrett

    Thanks for the review!

    It’s possible you were experiencing an issue with the menus due to a problem on iPhone 4 / iPod Touch that some of our players have reported. You can check our post on to see if that was indeed the issue.

    In any case, we are making other improvements to our menus for our next feature release.

    Glad you enjoyed QatQi!

    Chris Garrett
    QatQi designer / developer

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