Hands-on with Sprayground iPad and MacBook cases

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The first thing to note about Sprayground’s products: they are not subtle in any way. Rendered in bold colors, with shiny metallic fabrics and larger-than-life graphics, these cases make a statement. Stylish in a highly unconventional sense, they are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd while protecting your iPad or MacBook.  Whether you need a duffle emblazoned with bullets or a samurai backpack, Sprayground has a case to fit your unique style (they even have a backpack decorated with classic Batman-esque onomatopoeia)! Appletell recently got a a Sprayground Hello camo laptop sleeve and a Hello metallic iPad sleeve to try out, and both offer standout protection.

The Hello Camo 15″ Laptop Sleeve

The first thing you notice about the Hello Camo 15″ Laptop Sleeve is its dual personality. On the back and part of the front is a forest camouflage print. But the front also has a giant “Hello my name is” with a white bar underneath, just begging to be personalized. Whether you pen an elegant signature in black Sharpie or doodle to your heart’s content, the case is only half complete when you take it out of the box; you add the final touch. This case is an excellent reminder that the Mac is still a tool of choice for creative pros, so unleash your creativity.

The sleeve features a set of integrated carrying handles that let it function as a standalone case should you be traveling with just your computer. To use as a sleeve, you can tuck the handles into built-in pockets, then slip your MacBook into a backpack, where the sleeve’s sturdy polyester will protect it from scratches and bumps. The polyester faux-fur lining safely cradles your laptop inside the case, while a hidden zipper compartment on the outside provides storage for power cables, video dongles, etc. Along the interior edges are thin strips of folded fabric providing some protection, but no foam padding, so if your laptop is prone to frequent drops, the Hello sleeve does not offer the highest level of protection.

The Hello Metallic iPad Tablet Sleeve

Like its camouflaged brother, the Hello Metallic iPad sleeve is part fashion statement, part blank canvas. Trading camo for silver lamé, the iPad sleeve also features a white bar for personalization (though this shiny case stands out just fine all by itself).

The sleeve’s fit is loose enough to accommodate an iPad with a keyboard case, which may be too loose for some people’s taste. The same faux fur interior cradles the iPad, and on a touchscreen device the fuzzy inside has the added benefit of wiping dust and some smudges from your iPad’s screen. As with the Hello laptop sleeve, the sides of the case are not padded, so the Hello iPad sleeve is best suited for scratch and bump protection, not serious drop protection.

If you need an extra dose of style for schlepping your iPad or MacBook, Sprayground’s exuberant designs do not disappoint. In addition to their Hello collection, be sure to check out the Gold Brick, Shark, and Gumball designs in the Sprayground shop.

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