RadioShack now offering discounted iPhone models

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RadioShack logoWant yourself a relatively inexpensive iPhone but don’t want to be tied down with a contract and an expensive monthly bill? If that’s the case, you might want to head over to your local RadioShack as they’re now offering the previous-generation 16 GB iPhone 4S on Virgin Mobile in either black or white for only $449.99 (keep in mind that this is unsubsidized pricing, as it’s off contract).

While you are paying quite a bit for the iPhone itself, you’ll certainly be making up for it with Virgin Mobile’s prepaid plans starting at only $35/month, offering 300 minutes and unlimited texting and data. Upgraded, more expensive plans include more minutes and additional features such as tethering.

If you want to go two generations back and pick up a cheap 8 GB iPhone 4 instead, RadioShack is also offering said iPhone 4 in black and white for only $349.99 off-contract with Virgin Mobile. These are both definitely great deals, but keep in mind you will have to put up with Sprint’s satisfactory network, as that is what Virgin Mobile runs off. Also note that these deals are only available in-store and only through Virgin Mobile.

Via [9to5Toys]

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