Appidemic: Turkey Stuffin’ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Truth be known, I’m not a huge fan of turkey. Come Thanksgiving, I generally prefer all the things on the table surrounding the turkey. I’ve also never cooked one, so I’ve never had to stuff one. And if doing so is anything like what goes on in Turkey Stuffin’ from IndiePub, that’s probably for the best.

What is it?

Turkey Stuffin’ is a novelty game created specifically to get some laughs before or after your big Thanksgiving Day dinner, it would seem. You’ve got this turkey, and it needs to be stuffed.

Turkey Stuffin'

Only the turkey is alive, and the stuffing items aren’t always prepared…or even food. Pots, razors, beachballs…it’ll make for an interesting meal, if nothing else.

How does it work?

The turkey sits in a pan while the stuffing ingredients slide down the left hand side of the screen. Your task is to slide them into the turkey by tapping and swiping them. Placement is key, and you’ll know if you hit your target by the turkey’s reaction. It’s all quite disturbing, really.

Turkey Stuffin'

Your gaming session is timed, and you’re judged in two ways. First, by weight; the more items you stuff into the turkey, the higher your score…unless you overstuff it, of course. Second, by taste; the ingredients you actually stuff into the turkey come into play. There are secret recipes to discover, so you don’t want to just swipe randomly throughout the game.

Turkey Stuffin'

Novelty games like this rarely ask for any degree of strategy, so that was kind of a fun surprise.

Is it contagious?

It is what it is. That there’s actually a sense of discovery involved here and that the production level is higher than usual for games of this type make it worth the $0.99 download, even if it’s just a way to kill the evening after the tryptophan kicks in.

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Seller: IndiePub
Cost: $0.99
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Disclosure: A TechnologyTell staff member was involved in the development of Turkey Stuffin’.

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