Is Classic Match Foosball the best iPad accessory ever?

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Classic Match Foosball

We’ve seen some pretty fantastic iPad apps and accessories during the device’s run, but one that turns it into a foosball table? With control bars? That’s new, and it’s pretty sweet, and the only thing I can think of that would be better is a rod hockey accessory, but perhaps that’s expecting too much.

Classic Match Foosball is actually a combination of app and accessory. The free app, which will be available soon, features 3D instant replays, realistic game and crowd sounds, tournament foosball rules, and authentic foosball sounds (no word of whether that includes audio of people dropping their beer bottles behind you and some crappy ’80s hair metal song blaring over the speakers).

The cool part, though, is the table.

The foosball table accessory includes eight two-axis control bars. Players celebrate their scores with the table’s real scoring markers at each end. The iPad is transformed into a foosball playfield fitting neatly inside the table, which also functions as a charge and sync dock. The Classic Match Foosball for iPad™ accessory’s rugged construction is ready for even the most zealous of players, and thanks to the device’s removable legs and control bars, the game table is easy to either transport or store.

I’m curious as to whether it’s weighted enough to stay in place when you’ve got two people spinning rods on either end, but we’ll trust the developers for now.

The Classic Match Foosball table for iPad will be available this holiday season for $99.99 at, the Apple Store (in the US and Canada), and other select retail locations worldwide.

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